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1.19JT Views· 2019-11-25 Tanggal publikasi· 40.26RB Likes· 3.54RB Komen

Huge shout out to Story Fire for supporting the channel and sponsoring this interview. Go to https://storyfire.app.link/nojumper for more! ----- KSI explains everything there is about the fight he won against Logan Paul! The work out, the mental preparation, being the underdog and proving everybody wrong. He also talks about his music career, working with Rick Ross and what he thinks about Vitaly, DAX, Quadeca, Keemstar and more! 1:13 Comparing how you feel now vs the draught last year 1:48 Have you found a new version of yourself throughout this experience? 3:06 Going in as the underdog yet believing that you could still win 3:44 Story Fire Ad 4:53 What inspired you to go harder and kept you in the mindset of committing to the work out and ultimately win the fight "Justin Bieber wanted to see you lose" 7:31 Being a hero in your country after the fight + Means a lot to have the support of the UK 9:05 Being a Youtuber and a boxer 10:10 Getting back to normal life after the fight 11:10 Everyone wants to party with you after the win + Logan not n** before the fight 13:31 Putting Youtube on the side while physically prep for the fight + 5/6 hours of training everyday 15:24 What's the physical part of the whole experience that improved "My mindset" 16:35 Logan Paul style during the fight + KSI breaks down every punches 19:42 KSI being a young Youtube vet 20:35 Streaming game "If I really wanted to go hard in streaming, I would" + mental health 22:47 Beef with brother Deji being public was hurtful + Deji being in KSI's shadow 26:27 KSI's new video with Rick Ross and Gunna + Being serious about music but other things get in the way "I don't need respect for my music, I don't care" 29:26 Top Boy series + UK slang 30:46 How was it like to work with Ross? "He respects my movement" 32:38 Do you think more influencers will get in the ring? "Yes and no, it might mess up your legacy forever, Jake will be forever the guy who lost to KSI" 34:54 People fighting during the fight like Vitaly and Bradley "I'd f*** both of them up!" 36:04 Who else would you fight, Quadeca and DAX? "F*** DAX" 37:23 The history of fights between Paul and KSI family "There's no point of fighting Jake right now" 40:00 According to Keemstar, KSI could've made 10M for the fight 41:22 Kids getting to boxing and being an inspiring moment 44:09 Logan Paul saying "Let's do it again" after the fight "He had 2 chances to beat me and he failed" 48:50 Where does KSI want to be in 10 years? + Gotten bigger numbers than Stormzy when he dropped his video 51:35 Adele + Skepta relationship? 52:00 KSI brought back JME to the limelight ---- FOLLOW OUR NEW SPOTIFY PLAYLIST! https://spoti.fi/2vi9lsD CHECK OUT OUR ONLINE STORE!!! http://www.nojumper.com/ SUBSCRIBE for new interviews (and more) weekly: http://bit.ly/nastymondayz  Follow us on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/nojumper iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/no-jumper/id1001659715?mt=2 Follow us on Social Media: http://www.twitter.com/nojumper http://www.instagram.com/nojumper https://www.facebook.com/No-Jumper-198283650194402/ http://www.reddit.com/r/nojumper JOIN THE DISCORD: https://discord.gg/Q3XPfBm follow Adam22 as well: http://www.twitter.com/adam22 http://www.instagram.com/adam22 and follow adam22hoe on Snapchat

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