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82.83RB Views· 2018-11-05 Tanggal publikasi· 1.42RB Likes· 198 Komen

Hey, babes! It's been about a year since I've last purchased anything from Gymshark bc I've been pleasantly disappointed every time I've bought something of theirs... BUT I kept seeing this Vital Seamless collection in my news feed and I thought to myself--could this be the one? Could this be the one that steals my heart and finally gives me that Gymshark booty? Again, this video is in no way whatsoever sponsored by or affiliated with Gymshark. A couple other things I wanted to point out that I forgot to mention in the video: - The Vital Seamless Legging in the color Steel Blue Marl does not match the Flex Long Sleeve Crop Top in the color Steel Blue Marl/Evening Navy Blue exactly--the greys are different shades - The Flex Long Sleeve Crop Top in the color Steel Blue Marl/Evening Navy Blue does not match the Energy+ Seamless Legging exactly--the crop top is a cooler tone whereas the legging is a warmer tone with more purple in it. - I definitely thought the Energy+ Seamless Leggings in the color Steel Blue were more of a lavender color than a grey. Please feel free to comment any questions you have for me below! Purchase my Workout Guide: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NAOMI'S MEASUREMENTS: Height: 5'3" Bust: 30", 32A Waist: 27" Hips: 36" Preferred Inseam Length (right above ankles): 27" ITEMS FEATURED (In same order as video): - Vital Seamless Leggings (Black Marl, S): - Vital Seamless Long Sleeve Crop Top (Black Mark, S): - Vital Seamless Leggings (Dusky Pink Marl, S): - Vital Seamless Long Sleeve Crop Top (Dusky Pink Marl, S): - Vital Seamless Leggings (Steel Blue Marl, S): - Flex Long Sleeve Crop Top (Steel Blue Marl/Evening Navy Blue, XS): - Energy+ Seamless Seamless Legging (Steel Blue, S): -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOW TO MEAL PREP FOR YOUR GOALS: FULL DAY OF EATING: ALPHALETE CROSS SET REVIEW: For more workout videos and daily fitness motivation, follow me on: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Legion Supplements: Use code "naomi10" to save $$ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OTHER: - Lashes: - Curling Iron I use: and #naomikongfitness #gymshark #unsponsored *This video and description contains affiliate links. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue creating more content for you. Thank you for your support!

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