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12.31RB Views· 2019-02-16 Tanggal publikasi· 102 Likes· 28 Komen

Flora Fantasia Amusment Park is built for kids, family etc. The 13.5-acre theme park offers more than 40 rides, shows and attractions, restaurants, shopping and all geared to families with children, The Flora Fantasia Park and Resorts is located on 13.5 acres Moorkanad Village near Valanchery,Malappuram, Kerala. Flora Fantasia is having an excellent infrastructure that any water theme park can foresee. Roads, Walkways, Ramps and staircases are provided with resting places and pavilions. Throughout the Park which spread over an area of 13.5 acres. Unique water Rides like Pushpak, 4D animation theatre, multipurpose water play system, Free fall, Covered pool exclusively for ladies, water falls etc. are the specialties. 2 numbers Generators are always ready to provide backup power as soon as the normal power supply from KSEB fails. There are two huge restaurants two provide delicious food. Plenty of Snack Bars and Ice cream parlours are also provided. Park has conference facilities to accommodate about 300 people at nominal rates. Lighting arresters, Fire protection system, Communication facilities, public announcing system etc. are excellently functioning in the park. Neatly maintained toilets are provided throughout the area. Changing rooms, Gents and Ladies; Vast area has been given for Parking vehicles, and sufficient rest room for Drivers. Flora Fantasia maintains excellent safety measures in all the areas. Each and every Dry and Water Rides are daily tested by a group of Technical headed by Electrical Engineer and approved by GM before opening the park. Perfect safety devices are provided in every Ride to ensure complete safety to the Rides. Well trained Security and Life guards are posted in every pools and water slides. They are always alert to help the visitors in case of any untoward incidents. First Aid Center is always ready with trained personnel to give emergency treatment in case of any minor injury. Vehicle will be always available at the park to take patients the nearby hospitals if required. Chemical treatment, proper chlorination and filtration of Pool water with most modern filtration plant are carried out to maintain pure quantity of water all the time. There is a laboratory with testing equipments. The chemist tests the pool water sample daily twice and exhibit the parameters in the notice board. Lockers are available in the changing Rooms for keeping the valuables of the visitors safely. Very efficient public announcing system is there through out the park to pass on any emergency messages to the visitors and employees. Flora Fantasia has several Water Rides and Pools. The quality of Water in the Pools is maintained in a perfect condition using most modern Filtration Plants. Each Pool is having its own Filtration Plant-Total 5Nos of plants. A chemist will collect sample water from each pool daily morning and evening and test it in the in-house laboratory under the guidance of a well qualified scientist with Doctorate in this field. The Parameter of the tested water is exhibited on the notice board for the reference of the visitors. Potable water out lets will coolers are installed in various parts of the Park for the convenience of the visitors.

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