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146.17RB Views· 2019-03-15 Tanggal publikasi· 0 Likes· 845 Komen

With Hallmark TV dropping Lori Loughlin today due to her college entrance exam bribery scandal, hundreds of people will lose their jobs in and around Vancouver. And dozens of contractors will lose business. Thanks aunt Becky! (not really, actually). Her social media has been taken down, her daughter, Olivia Jade has also taken a big hit on her YouTube channel. He husband, Mossimo Giannulli has also been charged in the scandal. This will leave the family in great financial turmoil. Full House friends such as John Stamos are deciding the cool their friendships and alliances. It is a big mess. But the hundreds of families effected from Lori Loughlin's firing from the Hallmark Channels productions of When Calls the Heart and Garage Sale Mystery will hurt the Hollywood North community here. She really didn't care about what could happen to others, did she? What do you think? Keep your wheels on the ground!

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Tim NoxInfluencer

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