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Syrian Kurds open the first Church named "Brotherhood church" in the city of Kobani , Aleppo on Sep 13 , 2018. This is the first officially registered Christian church in more than 100 years. (Note : subtitles/translation uploaded ...go to settings , click subtitle or CC button for laptop or "Caption" button and select English for Smart phone.) THIS IS ONE OF THE VERY IMPORTANT VIDEO TO SHARE TO THE WHOLE WORLD. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE & SHARE SUBTITLE WITH TIME CODE....Testimony in Arabic I am Jinar Hikmat Ali. I am from a village of Kafr Jana near Afrin. My parents are also from Kafr Jana. 00:54 We were living in Afrin, and before the war in Afrin, I accept Jesus Christ in my life.I was a Muslim before. 01:04 I had an experience in my life and so I decided to follow Jesus Christ. I thank God that my life changed for the better. 01:12 We came to Kobani as there is Church services in the city. 01:18 God sent us here to serve the people, who are so tired of problems. 01:25 Now people hear and share god’s love through the Brotherhood Church. Here we all love one another. 01:36 We pray for the people so that may God lead them to accept Jesus Christ as I did before and how I know Lord Jesus Christ 01:45 Thank Lord 01:47 SUBSCRIBE & SHARE , THANK YOU , GOD BLESS YOU **************************************************** Video Courtesy & Credits : ::: BGM .. 0:0 to 0:35 :: Credits goes to :: Good News Team(Gospel Singers) from Egypt. Credit 1:: NBC News : Credit 2 : @Kubani , Aleppo Credit 3 : BROTHERRACHID You Tube Channel. Please watch more videos of Bro Rachid : Bro Rachid : Facebook page ::: Credit : 4 : United Evagelical Church – Agape : You Tube channel :: Watch full video :: Q&A program of Brother Rachid ::: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 #strongtower27 #brotherhoodchurchKobani , #NBCNews

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