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Our next story is a blending of social media and real life, where an unassuming small artist from Australia is suddenly woo'd by artists with a cult like following and millions of doting fans from around the world. Recently, a "diss track" was dropped by an Australian artist named Zheanie (jhonny) accusing members of Die Antwoord of human trafficking and various forms of mental abuse. This has come into the mainstream spotlight in part due to a thoughtful YouTuber named Edwins Generation. He did a phenomenal piece on this developing story that shows not only both sides of the argument but how everything came to be the way it is now. This is yet another instance of predatory behaviour being outed into the public eye. Last month we had the first victim of Romeo Lacoste come out and since then we've seen over a dozen come forward and share their stories. Cancel culture is in full swing, and although Trisha Paytas' earlier attempt to cancel David Dobrik didn't go as planned (with her deleting the video within days of it's release)... It seems like the newest target is Die Antwoord. The story I'm about to share can easily highlight a number of ongoing social media issues in 2019. It has elements of #metoo in grooming and human trafficking, it has cancel culture with another major popular culture figure being ousted as a behavioural deviant and predator, and it also outlines the larger T-Series vs PewDiePie situation of the big guy muscling out the little guy. I'll do my best to touch on each topic as they arise throughout this story, but please be advised: the content of this situation may shock or disgust you. I mean, to each their own. If 2019 has taught us anything, it's that sexual kinks are plentiful and still very much taboo - although not nearly as much as before. No one will publicly fault these individuals for having their own (sometimes deep seeded) sexual kinks... however, it's the grooming, manipulation, and in this case human trafficking in order to satisfy those kinks where the line is drawn. These men, with their celebrity power, could easily find consenting adults very keen on satisfying their individual desires... However that is where the sexual deviant comes in and wreaks havoc on their young and unassuming fans. These men are not functioning normally within the boundaries of the 21st centuries sexuality. They are not being faulted for their unique desires, but how they go about satisfying them. Personally, I think this recent case of cancel culture with Die Antwoord and Zheanni is exactly what she is describing it as. A behavioural deviant who uses his fame and power to hide his true "behind closed doors" nature getting exposed. They've gone on heavy duty damage control with Ninja giving a response video making claims of a deranged fan looking to kick-start her career taking advantage of his position of power. Edwin's Generation did a thorough job of dissecting his points, and even had an expert in body language weigh in. Ninjas response video in a word? Pathetic. A grown man backpedaling and making excuses for deplorable behaviour. So much is wrong with this video, and so much of it speaks volumes to what is in all likelihood the truth to Zheanni's statements Edwins Generation: Reagan Wolf (Body Language Interpreter): Zheani: Die Antwoord: My Socials: Reddit: Instagram: Twitter: Videos every few days! Love ya! #dieantwoord #crime #drama

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