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#nta #jeemain2019 #jeemainresults Aayush Rathi sarcastically responds to MyTuTor 247's immaturity. Do watch the entire video before making any judgements. Everyone is in support of the students, and nobody is encouraging the students' suffer. Some YouTubers are just misguiding the viewers by emotionally manipulating them. After the JEE Main 2019 results have been disclosed by the NTA ( National Testing Agency), students who expected better ranks are now blaming the system and hoping that a re-exam would be conducted and that NTA should show clearly how they have calculated the results, when they have already cleared everything since long before the JEE Main has been conducted. One should understand that there will be drastic changes in the ranks vs marks prediction if you only compare it with the trend and neglect other factors and changes brought by the NTA. Being influencers, YouTubers and Teachers, it is our responsibility to help the students accept their failures and move on rather than giving them false hopes. There are thousands of students who have actually got very good ranks. So, are they all fool? Won't they get any benefit for not watching such fake videos on YouTube and studying instead? Big Congratulations to those who succeeded in JEE Main 2019. For those who didn't succeed, remember at this time you should prioritize your physical and mental health over anything else. Take a break of some days and fight back to score well in the remaining exams. All The Best! To strike the code, Connect with me on ♡Telegram Channel 👨- ♡ Instagram Handle 📷 - ♡ Twitter Handle 🐤 - ♡ Quora ❤ - ♡ FB page 🔥 - ♡ FB profile 💥 - ♡ YouTube 😅 - ♡ Snapchat 👻 - aayushrathi2811 ✅ Messenger - ✅ Telegram -

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