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6.46JT Views· 2016-11-01 Tanggal publikasi· 60.9RB Likes· 2.01RB Komen

About to give up? Listen to this compilation and seize the day! Check out my Patreon to learn more about how I started MotivationGrid. If you want you can also support me so that I can make more videos (and get cool stuff in return): ➤Here is the list of equipment that I use to create videos: I get all of my footage from here: My GoPro camera: This is the computer I use for editing: My favourite drone: I get all of my music from here: ➤ Patreon: - Learn my story Speakers: Eddie Pinero Arnold Schwarzeneger Conor McGregor Usain Bolt Kevin Spacey Jeff Bezos Steve Jobs Jerry Weintraub Jerry Jones Warren Buffet Gary Vaynerchuck Robin Sharma Oprah Winfrey Steve Harvey Denzel Washington Eric Thomas Les Brown Tony Robbins ===================================================== Music: Sunder - Really Slow Motion Everdream - Really Slow Motion Legendary - Really Slow Motion ===================================================== Movies and Footage: Time Out of Mind Jobs Mr Robot Extremely Loud and Incredibly Knight of Cups Jobs Inception Lucy Seven Pounds The Pursuit of Happiness The Imitation Game The Theory of Everything ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 00:00 - 04:10 Head First by Ping Pong Studio - 4:15 - 9:50 - I WILL WIN by MotivationGrid 10:00 - 15:40 - Run After Your Destiny 15:45 - 19:21 Productivity by Chispa Motivation 19:25 - 24:30 - How Much Can You Endure 27:30 - 35:20 The Secret of Successful People 35:30 - 41:22 Nothing Will Stop Me 41:30 - 46:23 Unbeatable 46:30 - 51:35 The Psychology of High Achievers 51:50 - 55:00 Do What Is Hard #abouttogiveup #motivational #video #speeches #compilation

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Tim NoxInfluencer

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