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4.34JT Views· 2019-03-06 Tanggal publikasi· 20.43RB Likes· 637 Komen

A tiny miniature dark chocolate wedding cake, decorated with chocolate roses in a bunch, little clusters of gold sugar buds, and brushed with edible gold dust 😍🍫🎂 watch to the end for bloopers! 🤦‍♀️ About minibuncafe: mini food, tiny cakes and other beautiful little things ❤️ H E L P T H I S C H A N N E L: 😻 Become a member and get shoutouts: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8SrX-h2LT4uU4B7gmGdpqw/join (please get the permission of whoever pays the bill first!) 🌎 Submit a translation: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?tab=2&c=UC8SrX-h2LT4uU4B7gmGdpqw 💸 Donate - help me make more videos: http://paypal.me/minibuncafe 💸 Check out my affiliate links - support this channel without paying a penny extra: 🎂 Ingredients & tools I always use: I use these as mini cake pans: http://a-fwd.to/3zajS6a Buttercream: http://a-fwd.to/3OAcsy4 Fondant icing: http://a-fwd.to/36dsJn4 Icing colors: http://a-fwd.to/6CXa88I Strawberry jelly: http://a-fwd.to/5rQb26c 🍰 Ingredients I sometimes use: sugar pearls: http://a-fwd.to/5dGMLc2 Star sprinkles: http://a-fwd.to/6PDFFrT Milk Chocolate: http://a-fwd.to/11krlWG White chocolate: http://a-fwd.to/xbZxvAu 🍩 Make your own mini cakes the easy way: use this pan: http://a-fwd.to/HYuzxYJ and this cake mix: http://a-fwd.to/4aLbFkG ☕ Some minis like mine: coffee set: http://a-fwd.to/3HfBSuR dinner service: http://a-fwd.to/5aygv1i 🎥 Video equipment: Video shot on my android phone using OpenCamera Video lights: http://a-fwd.to/7ofTaoM with a diffuser: http://a-fwd.to/7iyYHkV Camera for stills: http://a-fwd.to/I64m7rM Lens for stills: http://a-fwd.to/6sh30Mj Don't forget to like & subscribe! http://bit.ly/minibuncafe S O C I A L M E D I A Instagram: http://instagram.com/minibuncafe Twitter: http://twitter.com/minibuncafe Facebook: http://fb.me/minibuncafe Business enquiries only: minibuncafe [at] gmail [dot] com Inspired by Rrcherrypie, Miniature Space & Mosogourmet Video is not sponsored. #asmr #miniature #weddingcake #Dollhouse #cake #chocolate #chocolatecake #instagram #satisfying #oddlysatisfying

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Tim NoxInfluencer

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