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14.76RB Views· 2017-01-13 Tanggal publikasi· 106 Likes· 1 Komen

This album showcases Jeroen Berwaerts' musical versatility on several levels: he developed the concept of this CD, performs as a trumpet soloist and jazz vocalist and directs the ensemble. #Jeroen #Berwaerts and #Salaputia #Brass prove congenial partners on the same wavelength. The Belgian musician does not believe in genre boundaries. He performs early music equally naturally as he does new music or jazz. No matter how diverse the musical styles, Berwaerts always looks for, and finds, one element in particular – a soulful profundity. "Signals from Heaven" combines #spirituals and #spiritual #music by Tōru #Takemitsu, Giovanni #Gabrieli and Duke #Ellington. Historically, stylistically and geographically speaking, these musical styles could hardly be further apart. Listening carefully, however, it becomes apparent how close they can be. Defying the confines of epochs, continents and genres, they form a new harmony. This search for a soulful profundity in music unites all participating artists, as well as the aim of connecting people through music. Jeroen Berwaerts' concept does not represent "crossover" but a combination of voices which have something to say to one another. And they do – the concept is audibly successful. Claudio #Monteverdi: #Toccata from L'#Orfeo Giovanni #Gabrieli: #Sonata Pian e Forte, C175 from #Sacrae #Symphoniae George #Gershwin: #Summertime from #Porgy and #Bess Giovanni #Gabrieli: #Canzon primi toni, C170 from #Sacrae #Symphoniae #Sometimes I feel like a #motherless #child Tōru #Takemitsu: #Signals from #Heaven (I. Day Signal / II. Night Signal) Giovanni #Gabrieli: #Canzon noni toni, C173 from #Sacrae #Symphoniae #Nobody knows the #trouble I’ve seen Giovanni #Gabrieli: #Canzon septimi toni, C172 from #Sacrae #Symphoniae Duke #Ellington: Come Sunday from #Sacred #Concert No. 1 Giovanni #Gabrieli: #Canzon per sonar prima La #Spiritata, C186 from #Canzoni #Swing #Low #Salaputia #Brass & #Jeroen #Berwaerts feat. Julian #Wasserfuhr (flugelhorn in Swing Low) recording: June 26 - 28, 2016 recording location: #Lukaskirche Dresden recording producer: Dipl.-Tonmeister Wolfram Nehls / Dipl.-Tonmeister Clemens Deller editing: Dipl.-Tonmeister Clemens Deller executive producer: Dipl.-Tonmeister Ludger Böckenhoff photos Salaputia Brass: Steven Haberland, Hamburg photo Jeroen Berwaerts: Sebastian Schulz, Hamburg video, art direction and design: AB-Design audite 97.725 EAN 4022143977250

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