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95.65RB Views· 2015-08-09 Tanggal publikasi· 1.35RB Likes· 73 Komen

HD is your best friend!! ♥ Haiiii guyss 030 Phewwww im only 2 days late x") I actually kinda like how it turned out for once X''D And guess what? I am actually really happy about it,but I didnt use any Dissolve transition,if i remember XD Thanks to the lovely 1998Ebb♥ ♥ ♥ THANK YOU But just some little things are bothering me about,like the timing on some of the flashes,the coloring,my lyrics,and many more ;u; What do you guys think? And if you were wondering who those two Night furies are; The peach and purple one is mine,and the blue and red-eyed one is Grimm's x3 Once I found this song,knowing i wanted to make a video for one of my best buds; Grimm♥ I knew I had to use it,i dont know why actually.But I just feel in love with it x3 But this video is someone who is very important to me,i already told you guys who it is,but its for the lovely Grimm!!!! ♥ HAPPY (LATE) BIRTHDAY BAE XDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SORRY FOR IT BEING LATE D: you probably knew that it would be though ;) He doesnt post any videos (yet?) but he has a account on DeviantArt :D Check him out! Here it its: ♥ For Grimm ♥ Ohh Grimm,how are you doing? XD I guess you didnt expect this,well you probably did,from all of the hints i gave you ;) Like in those notes X3 This video doesnt show how much I appreciate you XD Words cant describe it. But from what the outro said,I am very thankful that I have you as a friend,you seriously dont understand how much you changed my life :') I am so glad I got to meet you! And I always get veryyy happy when you reply to my things (Journals,comments,notes) ♥__♥ Also when you post journals and/or drawings!! I have a confession: I reply and stuff before I go to bed,so when I wake up I am in a better mood XD and so i am not depressed everyday :) I hope that isnt weird D: They just make my day XD Like what I said in the outro; For being here for me: You always offer to help me out,or even just to talk to me when horrible things happen,or when im just not in my childish mood,and I thank you for that ♥ Just knowing that you are here for me,is beyond describable :') I will make sure I will talk to you when issues occur ♥ Telling me to never give up: Just from that journal you made for how happy and thankful you were for all of your watchers and such (You know what im talking about? Right? Right XD) Made me just feel so much better about my self,If it wasnt for you and many people telling me to not give up,I probably wouldnt be doing these 030 Well acutally maybe XD I dont know. And one thing I learned about being successful and just being happy,is having patience.It takes time to earn things,and I am very glad on how I am doing with DA and YT,I never knew I would have this kind of life :') And I thank you so much for it ♥ *hope that all made sense* XD Trusting,Inspiring,Teaching me; Gawdd you dont know how important trust and earning trust is to me~I can become a huge social butterfly,and knowing i can trust someone,and they trust me,is lovely XDD Cause I care about you soo much :') and same for my other friends. And you inspire me so much! Im just fascinated by your artwork,and just how you treat people XDD You also taught me so much,not just about drawing,but just life in general.. ♥ You accepted who I am: If someone accepts who I am,they will be loved greatly XDD Hahah and you do~!! ♥♥ Like I know someday Im gonna start crying about you and some other friends,just knowing you guys accept me and care about me! I already did once,but i know it will happen again.I get very emotional XD I know it. :") Like almost now all the time when im talking to someone,or you.I use to get rid of sentence's or not add them because I thought you would think of me differently and not accept me.But now knowing you do,I have been now just been my self in comments and such ♥ * i really hope that made sense* XD So thank you so much Grimm~~ ♥ ♥ ♥ You dont understand how important and wonderful you are to me~ :') And I hope you have a amazing birthday,and a great new,and better year! Love ya! XD And dont forget that i'll do the same for you (accepting you,trusting you,being here for you,ect.) ♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY!! ♥ ♥ -Thanks for watching! ♥ ****************************************­*************** You can also meet me on: Gmail: DeviantArt: Footage: -How to train your Dragon 1 & 2 -Defenders of berk and Riders of berk The art you saw at the beginning and ending belongs to me Song: -Phoenix Hearts-We The Kings Outro song: ****************************************­*************** Disclaimer! I don't own this video! How to train your dragon© belongs to Dreamworks Animation© Phoenix Hearts© belongs to We The Kings© This video is purely fanmade and I'm not trying to steal anything. Everything belongs their rightful owners

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Tim NoxInfluencer

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