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14.53JT Views· 2017-10-31 Tanggal publikasi· 196.2RB Likes· 33.19RB Komen

Do you make cartoons? Drawings? Are you an animation enthusiast? Take a look here and join the Channel Frederator Network! Join Frederator ► https://dashboard.frederator.com/apply/frederator?aggregatorKey=tony Happy Halloween, guys, and I'm very glad to tell you that... Part 16 is finally here, and it's almost as long as part 15! :D The editing was pretty elaborate and it took me a while, but after part 15 I'm way more used to this kind of stuff!! XD Thank you from the bottom of my heart, thanks a lot, a very big lot, for more than 1'215'000 subscribers! ^w^ If you’re not subscribed yet, what about following this link? :3 http://bit.ly/21hjVHz Hey! You might also follow me at these links! Facebook ► http://www.facebook.com/TonyCrynightOfficial My Twitter ► http://twitter.com/TonyCrynight My Tumblr ►http://tonycrynight.tumblr.com My DeviantArt ► http://tonycrynight.deviantart.com And very special thanks to my patreons, who helped and are still helping this project! ^O^ If you want to help me and my collaborators, take a look at this page, I would appreciate that! :) Patreon ► http://bit.ly/1R0Ae5F This episode is crucial! Who survived the battle? And is the battle over at all...? You'll see now, and maybe not all the events will be as pleasing as you were hoping... :3 The amazingness in person Laphin Hyena returns as the voice of Springtrap, Fredbear, Freddy and Bonnie, and if you 're happy to watch this episode on October the 31st, you have to thank him! He has literally made the sound editing in just one day, I was so surprised when I realized that I could publish the episode for Halloween! ^^ Laphin made a splendid job as always, and I'm very, very thankful for his effort and efficiency! Thank you SO much, man!! ;3 Take a look at his Twitch (he's way more active here than on YouTube now!!): Laphin's Twitch ►http:// twitch.tv/laphin His channel: Laphin's YouTube ►http://bit.ly/CharacterVoice And his website: Laphin's Website ►http://voiceoverfun.com In part 15 Chica and Mangle were silent, but you'll hear them both now! Chica is voiced again by the great NikkiChi, and believe you me if I say that nobody can voice Chica as cutely as she does! Thanks, Nikki!! ^u^ Take a look at her channel: Nikki's channel ►http://bit.ly/1QC3OTh And there's a great return! Mangle, after part 13, has always stayed mute... Until now!! :D Mangle is voiced again by the brilliant Haylizbeth (Hayley Nelson), who did an awesome work as usual! It was thrilling to hear Mangle's voice again in pre-production after more than a year! Thanks a lot, Hayley! ^^ Take a look at her channel: Hayley's channel ►http://bit.ly/1UNwASK Foxy doesn't talk in this part, but I want to remember that he's voiced by the very talented Timberpuppers, the one who gives Foxy the accent I've always wanted to hear! ;3 Take a look at his channel: Timberpuppers's channel ► http://bit.ly/1R3mdKW A great part of the backgrounds were the same you've seen in part 15, but there's new stuff too, and it all comes from the hands of my very good friend Fog Dagger! ^^ Thank you, big sister! Check out her gallery! :D Fog's arts ► http://www.furaffinity.net/user/fogdagger And I want to thank my girlfriend Nene for her support and for being always near me when I need her... Thank you, Sweetness! ^w^ Take a look at her DeviantArt account: Nene's arts ► http://italian-angil.deviantart.com/ Take a look at this brand new YouTube animated story by Kris Patrick, the creator of The Bedfellows! ;) It's weird and it deserves to be watched, and possibly to be understood! XD Catghost channel ► http://bit.ly/2txcja7 Special thanks as usual to Clover Cat (Founders’ Hat), who gave me the idea to make a FNAF video! Clover Cat ► http://bit.ly/1LMmfEy SUBTITLES!! I’ll leave you the link to follow, so that you can add the subtitles (and also the description of the video) by yourself in your own language, and also correct possible mistakes for the ones that are already added! :) http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?tab=2&c=UC2aNolp7Nc41x9M5CG6XKTg Tony Crynight features Five Nights at Freddy’s fanimated stories, tragic and emotional animations, comedic and crazy stuff!… But also contests, previews and specials! I hope you’ll like the silly things I make! X3 Rate, comment, and, if you liked this video, subscribe!

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