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207.17RB Views· 2019-05-28 Tanggal publikasi· 9.39RB Likes· 452 Komen

Foxes seem to be making up the vast majority of our rescue calls recently, and young fox cubs (or kits) seem to be finding themselves in increasingly odd situations! Simon was recently called out to help a young fox that had fallen down a 'light well' - a hole used to bring light to a basement. The youngster seemed to have fallen over the side and was unable to escape. After climbing down into the hole, Simon quickly managed to contain the very angry fox and soon had him scampering back to his mother. Getting Simon out, however, would prove to be a little more difficult... PLEASE DONATE - Just £3 from every viewer can help us save many more animals! Online: http://bit.ly/wafdonate Text Donation: Text WILD3 to 70300 to give £3.00, (WILD5 to give £5.00 and WILD10 to give £10.00) UK residents only. Thank you for your support! SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL http://bit.ly/WildlifeAidTV CONNECT WITH US! Facebook ► http://facebook.com/wildlifeaid Twitter ► http://twitter.com/wildlifeaid Instagram ► http://instagram.com/wildlifeaid Website ► http://www.wildlifeaid.org.uk About TheWildlifeAid TV... Ever wanted to see the goings on behind the scenes at a Wildlife Rescue Centre? Well now you can! We have super cute hedgehogs eating their dinner, dramatic rescues of wild deer and everything in between. So click subscribe to keep up to date with our new videos uploaded weekly!

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