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5.84RB Views· 2015-01-27 Tanggal publikasi· 56 Likes· 10 Komen

here is another music video that i directed, edited n online by myself. performed by Rising The Fall-RTF they're Hardcore but got sweet attitude. This video had no budget..totally zero, i do it for free and the reason why i did this because i like their music so much, they got talent as metal hardcore band. The concept is very simple : monochromatic color, silhouette look, gives distortion on the visual. I want they performed as an authentic originally purely as a hardcore band not as a boy bands or pop or rock...they're hardcore !!..i wanna give darkness and strong character individually on the picture. that's my concept. the online done completely in Adobe CS 6 - Premiere and Afx with dynamic link workflow. there is nothing much in online, i added some film burn filters, distort and finally i added grain to be feel more film look. About camera shake , i did it on camera so it's not done in online. It is purely controlled in my lens, for me because it would give me natural shake, better look not too digitally. Coz i hate digital even i lived in digital world now..peace \\/ so i hope u can enjoy this video and comments are very welcome. thank you for watching ! and dont forget..keep on Rockin ' and Headbangin' \\m/ and keep the faith. PS : For RTF crew...good luck guys ! Thanks a lot for trusting me to make this video and I apologized for my late late to finish this video. Hopefully we can make another one...very soon. Equipments : - Canon 7D with EF 17-55mm lens, Sigma Lens 1.4 30mm , GoPro Hero 3 black edition, Canon 550, 2 lights Very thank you for : - Andrie Mulianto a.k.a Edoy Kopek - Rising The Fall-RTF - Tison Ibrahim a.k.a Kentung - Agus Salomo a.k.a Samsuga - Friends of RTF

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Tim NoxInfluencer

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