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9.19JT Views· 2018-09-13 Tanggal publikasi· 162.06RB Likes· 4.73RB Komen

12 साल के COMA से बाहर निकलने के बाद इसने जो कहा सबके होश उड़े रह गए Medical Science Brain Case Hello friends, neurology and medical science are fields in which doctors see thousands of strange and unreal cases in medical literature. Brain is a complex human organ that is very mysterious and we have spent decades understanding its biology, physiology and chemistry. One such case is a disease called coma. What happens to your brain in a coma. Does it still stay alive? Well we have this case analysis of a 12 year old boy named Martin who has fought the disease and emerged victorious after gaining back his consciousness. His treatment was long but his health and mental health eventually caught up due to proper health care, nursing, love and support of people around him. His amazing health recovery was unbelievable for the doctors and this case is now studied in medical schools. Later, He gave the description of the condition he was in for 12 years. Neuroscience still has to advance a lot in coming years so that cases like this could be given proper treatment by the doctor. Watch the entire video in hindi to know more - DO WATCH these videos as well - कमज़ोर न देखें! इंसानी शरीर अधिकतम कितना दर्द झेल सकता है Most Painful Things Human Can Experience - अगर आपको ये दिखे तो तुरंत भाग जाइये और सिर छुपाइये Why Exploding Whales Are So Dangerous - 5 विज्ञान के इंसानो पर Experiment जो आपके होश उड़ा देंगे | Most Unethical Science Experiments Ever - 5 विज्ञान के Experiment जिन्होंने लगभग दुनिया ही ख़तम कर दी थी | 5 Unbelievable Science Experiments - दुनिया की 5 ऐसी घटनाएं जिनका जवाब विज्ञान के पास भी नहीं है Unanswered Science Mysteries on Earth - इस आदमी के दिमाग से 4 फुट लम्बी लोहे की ROD गुज़री. ऐसे ये ज़िंदा बचा (Medical Science Brain Case) - देखिये दुनिया की आँखों में कैसे धुल झोंखा गया Mystery and Science Behind 150 Years Old Man ज़मीन के कितनी गहराई तक हम खोद सकते हैं The Deepest Hole We Can Dig On Earth - 1 वैज्ञानिक के हाथ में MERCURY के 2 बूँद गिरे और ये हुआ उसके दिमाग के साथ Brain After Mercury Spill - अगर आपको यह दिखे तो तुरंत भाग जाइये और मदत मांगिये! (Run Away Fast and ask for Help) दुनिया के 5 सबसे चौकानेवाले खतरनाक विलुप्त जानवर (5 Most Dangerous Animals In The World) -

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